Western Rituals: Music and Projects

Disclaimer: All songs and work below are considered demos, and are thus subject to removal from this website as well as other sites upon completion of their respective projects. 

Single I

Phase II

Currently Untitled, this is the first installment of "The System is Collapsing". Early birds here at TranCon get sneak peek access to the development process. Currently it is in "Phase 2" out of 5 phases. Phase 2 specifically is the demo production phase. 3 demos will be produced. Only 1 will end up as the single. To the right (desktop) or below (mobile) are the currently completed demos. Enjoy them while they are still accessible.

The System is collapsing

The System is Collapsing

Phase 0

The System is Collapsing strives to create a depressed and dark atmosphere. At its core, it is fundamentally a slowed+reverb, tape loop and experimental project focused on bending the existing world into something else. It is in a large sense, a reflection of the world through certain eyes.