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boketto. is a project of Severin Oxbow that was started in the summer of 2019 in Athens, Ga. The project began dabbling in ambient music and has since drawn influences and sounds from classical, electronic and rock music. The first demo release, "Demo EP I" was released late 2019, before the COVID-19 pandemic. The subsequent follow-up, "Demo EP II" was released in the summer of 2021 and reflected largely on society during the course of the pandemic. Currently, boketto. has three projects intended for release in the coming years. Check out the music and projects page under boketto. for more information.

Due to the private nature of Severin, live shows, appearances, and insights into their personal life are very rare. Aside from music, Severin works in Science, specifically in bioengineering and genetic editing, and has studied Philosophy at University, particularly in the fields of Ethics and Metaphysics. The fields of Science and Philosophy regularly influence and guide the music of boketto.

If you would like to contact Severin, please do so either through the transient constellations contact page,, or directly through